Why Keep Alpacas?

Alpacas are good natured, attractive, sociable, inquisitive and relatively easy to care for. We recommend that you buy a deck chair at the same time that you buy your first alpacas. This is for sitting in the field with them and being with them - probably the most relaxing thing you can do and an excellent way to get to know them, and they you.

All our alpacas are halter trained and are used to being handled, and you can take them for a walk around your land or down quiet lanes and bridleways.

They are curious and love anything new and interesting.

A small herd of three gelded males are great lawnmowers; they are good field pets or companion animals and will protect other stock such as sheep or hens. They will respect dense Cornish hedges and sheep fencing and will not damage the ground, fencing or gates unlike some other stock.

Gelded males provide the best quality fleece and if you are interesting in working with alpaca fibre we will help you select males with the best fleeces for spinning, weaving, knitting, felting or rugging.

Females are generally sold for breeding purposes and there is a ready market for these attractive animals. Cria (baby alpacas) are incredibly attractive and many people in the tourist business are going into alpaca owning as a feature of their campsite, holiday cottage or B&B.

Do they spit? No, not unless really stressed, or are having a slight disagreement with each other (usually over food). They are not aggressive towards humans, however, they will attack aggressive dogs or foxes who they think might pose a threat to the herd.