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Catch Rope

Halter Training/Catch Rope

This is a wonderful tool for catching your horses and teaching them to wear a halter.
The catch rope is made of nylon marine rope with a solid brass hook hand spliced in one end with a brass ring attached to the rope.

This training rope can be fashioned into a pre-halter that is easier for young or frightened animals to accept.

In combination with the Clip Wand, the Training Rope is a safe, non-threatening way to catch up your animal.

Colour: white.



Tteam wand


A four-foot stiff whip with a hard plastic button on the end. It is used as an extension of the arm to stroke all over the horse and to give him a sense of his body. It also teaches him to respond to light signals.

A white wand is preferable so the horse can see it easily and doesn't associate it with whips that he might have been punished with in the past.


Tteam clip wand/catch rope

TTEAM Clip Wand

This attachment allows you to clip the catch rope to the wand for effortless catching. Small people with big horses can level the playing field as no horse is too tall for this catching arrangement.

Simply clip the catch rope to the wand and bring the catch rope up over the animal’s head, easily catching your animal in the loop as you bring the rope around the neck.

The combination of the clip wand and catch rope enables you to put the catch rope round a horse’s neck without getting close to it. This can be safer for the handler and less stressful for a nervous horse or foal



lead with chain

Lead with Chain

This top-of-the-line lead with a 28" chain and a 6’ soft nylon lead is another important tool in TTEAM Training.

Available in a variety of colors.

Available in green, purple, blue and black.

See illustrations of the lead - fitted over the halter nose band to avoid discomfort to the horse and holding the lead for proper signaling.




horse zephyr soft lead

Zephyr Soft Lead

Another great lead created for TTEAM, with a 28" soft marine rope handwoven onto a nylon lead in red, green, blue, black, or brown.

Available in blue or black.

Ideal for foals, sensitive horses, and llamas.

Read more about the TTEAM Leads.






All Wrapped Up for Horses

A fully illustrated step by step guide to body wraps for horses.

By Robyn Hood and Amanda Pretty