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Camelid Handling Secrets Volume 1:Medical Management

Marty "TTEAMS" up with Dr. David Anderson, DVM, MS, of The Ohio State University to show you how to manage your camelid medical needs in ways that result in the least amount of stress for you, your veterinarian and your animals. See some of the most common medical procedures accomplished with ease and efficiency.
Topics include:
• how to organize your facility,
• giving oral medications,
• injections and the Buckeye Blood Draw,
• containment and chute criteria.
(60 minutes)







wool llama

The Wonderful World of Lama Wool

Understand every aspect of your llamas’ and alpacas’ fibre. Even if you didn’t get started with alpacas or llamas because of their fibre, it pays to know about it.
Topics include:
•wool terminology,
• recognizing the type of fiber your camelid has,
• wool management techniques,
• shearing without restraint or trauma,
• grooming without hassle,
• collecting wool that spinners will love,
• preparing your fiber for spinning, finger spinning, washing and storing.
(61 minutes)






lama kindly

Treating Your Lama Kindly

Dr. LaRue Johnson of camelid veterinary fame and a long time supporter of TTEAM agreed to let Marty put her money where her mouth is. They worked together in the real world of getting the vet job done. Marty offered ideas for non-forceful handling while Dr. Johnson and students drew blood, performed rectal transabdominal and physical exams, gave injections and implanted microchips. They worked in a catch pen, a chute and a mini-catch pen with the research llamas at CSU veterinary school, a private ranch and with some of Dr. Johnson’s llamas. The video is designed to be helpful for both the veterinary practitioner, owner or helper. All royalties from the sale of this video are donated to llama and alpaca research at CSU. Most of the animals in this video are llamas but the content is intended for both llama and alpaca owners. The techniques illustrated are equally useful for both species. (64 minutes)





llama pack

Teaching your Llama to Pack

This dvd is actually three dvds in one.
First, it is an update for those of you that like Marty’s approach to camelids.
Second, you’ll have a complete packing dvd with Stanlynn Daugherty of Hurricane Creek Llama Treks and Marty "TTEAMING" up to show you how to train an inexperienced llama to wear a pack, how to select and evaluate a pack, how to adjust a pack on a llama, staking your llama out, tying knots and lots more.
Third, the section called "Body Beautiful" will help you be your llama’s best friend. Learn how to groom your llama, the importance of shearing, how to trim toenails and bodywork techniques that will make you the light of your llama’s life—especially after a long day’s hike. (75 minutes)








alpaca culture

Camelid Culture Audio CD by Marty McGee Bennet

An animal's behavior may not always be convenient in human society, but it is usually appropriate behavior within the context of that animal's culture. The information on this CD will address human expectations about camelids within the broader context of the animals' natural and legitimate physical, emotional and spiritual needs and attributes. This CD will help you understand the culture of the camelid from a new point of view. The CD is divided into three parts:
1. Introduction: including history, taxonomy, behavior and basic facts.
2. Misunderstandings: Why humans and camelids don't get along and how to fix it.
3. The Novice Handler Syndrome: raising respectful well adjusted camelids If you are new to camelids or know someone who is this is a fun way to learn to BE a camelid companion. (53 minutes)




camelid aggresion

Understanding Aggression in Camelids Audio CD by Marty McGee Bennet

The Berserk Male Syndrome, the Aberrant Male Syndrome...aggression in camelids goes by many names. Marty coined the term Novice Handler Syndrome because it is believed the vast majority of cases are caused by inappropriate handling by humans. The good news is we have the power to prevent it. Each year she get hundreds of phone calls from distraught owners worried about the behavior of young male llamas or alpacas. This CD will help you understand normal behavior and how to recognize abnormal behavior. Marty will guide you as you raise young males and help you set appropriate boundaries. This CD help you cope with pre-aggression and give you techniques to correct the behavior. Indispensable information for anyone planning to raise camelids or anyone who has purchased young males neutered or not. (50 minutes)