Refresh and Improve
Day One
Day Two

AM: Refresh and improve skills plus More TTouch

AM: Handling skills


Refresh skills:
Catching, snugging, Ratchet,
Rope work inc meet and melt and contact
Haltering and halter fit
Body position weather vane.

Medical interventions inc Buckeye blood draw
Toenail refresher x 2

Vet exams

Refine TTouches/extra ttouches: Python lifts, jelly fish jiggle, chimp touch Babies
Midline catch/Halter helper/bracelet Hand shearing
  Preparing for packing
PM: Dealing with difficult animals PM: Show prep and leading
Taming the tiger
Animals that kush
Animals that kick
Animals that spit and scream
Borderline beserk animals
Use of FFD
Show prep inc body wrap
Face wraps
Rearing animals
Leading work/preparing for showing/further obstacles
Pens and handling Other leading positions
Snoot loop  
TTouch for you demo. Loading